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Large Businesses Are Seen As Easy Targets & Pay up to 50% More For Business Energy

Large Businesses Are Seen As Easy Targets & Pay up to 50% More For Business Energy

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We Fight Your Corner And Hunt Down The Best Energy Deals. We'll Also Take Away The Hassle Of Switching.

Unfortunately, many energy suppliers see large private businesses and large public sector organisations as an easy target or ‘cash cows'. They believe they can charge often extortionate  prices because they know they can get away with it.

It is common for larger organisations to literally haemorrhage cash through their business gas and electric, without even knowing it. Some are paying double what they should be. We've even seen higher when contracts are ‘rolled over' automatically without any renewal negotiation.

Being ripped off for your business energy doesn't sit right with us. At Business Energy Store, we've tasked ourselves with fighting the energy corner of every business, large or small.

How We Find You The Best Business Energy Deals

Our specialist business energy brokers have a vast depth of knowledge of the UK energy industry that they put to good use to get you the best gas and electric deal. They know where to look and how to negotiate the best rates in bulk, so any discounts can be passed on directly to your business.

Once we have discussed your requirements in detail and have the complete picture, we will work our socks off to get you the best energy deal for the length of your contract. We won't just sit at our keyboards. We'll phone suppliers, haggle, pull in favours and even go to visit them, if we have to.

You're our client and you deserve the best deal. We earn a small amount of commission directly from energy suppliers, but we are 100% impartial. We don't have any favourites. We will find the best 3 deals so you get the final choice and be confident that we have your company's best interests in mind.

We will get you the best deal in the UK, guaranteed!

We Find The Most Affordable Deals in the UK

The cost of large business electricity has increased sharply over the last couple of years, which poses significant challenges for large businesses that require a lot of energy to perform at their best.

At Business Energy Store, we are here to help large businesses and organisations meet the challenge of rising energy costs.

For many large businesses, energy bills can be a significant cost. The date of procurement of electricity for large businesses has become an increasingly important aspect of reducing your energy costs. We will always give the best forecast times of the year to fix your rates.

At Business Energy Store, our electricity procurement ensures our customers always get the best available rates. We pride ourselves on being completely impartial and therefore will not be biased towards any one supplier.

We're Large Business Gas Specialists Too

We specialise in getting you the cheapest energy prices and can always guarantee the most competitive prices on the market! We pride ourselves on offering transparent, honest and unbiased comparisons of all major half hourly electricity and gas suppliers.

Located just outside London, the Business Energy Store has built up strong relationships with suppliers in the UK over the last 5 years, and we've grown from strength to strength helping businesses to drive down the cost of their gas.

By guaranteeing free and impartial advice, we have quickly grown to become one of the most in-demand business energy brokers in the UK, making sure our customers get better deals on their business electricity and gas requirements.

Our Business Energy Suppliers

We work closely with all major business electricity suppliers who specialise in working with larger organisations. By working with and having a strong relationship with all large and independent business electricity suppliers, we are able to compare the options available to you and work to drive down the cost on the tariff that suits your needs.


If you would like a half hourly comparison of prices from all suppliers in the current market or have any other questions about business energy, please let us know by calling us on 0800 321 3514 or emailing us at


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