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Cheap Green Business Energy (without the hassle)

Climate Change

Climate change is a huge issue and there is now more focus than ever before on businesses creating a positive impact on the environment and reducing their carbon footprint.

Opting to go green for your business energy is a huge step towards becoming carbon neutral. The good news is that green energy prices have now come down which means you can do your bit to care for the environment, whilst saving money for your business.


Our team of expert energy brokers will find you the cheapest green energy deal by comparing tariffs from all uk suppliers, including Ecotricity, Hudson, Bryt, Good Energy, Orsted, EDF, Haven, SSE, Npower, Scottish Power, Total Gas and Power, Green Energy UK, and Engie. We do the leg-work, find the 3 best prices and even manage the switch, so you don’t need to waste time hunting around the market.

On average, we can save most businesses up to 30% on their business energy prices, even if they are currently with the big 6 energy firms.

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Green Business Energy: The Benefits

Sourcing your business energy from sustainable suppliers offers many more benefits than just helping the environment.

Increase Your Revenue

- The use of sustainable energy can help you to differentiate yourself in the industry. Marketed in the right way, you will open up new revenue streams and attract new customers. Customers are more inclined to choose to work with companies that adhere to a positive social responsibility plan.

Reduce costs

- Using a more eco-conscious focus with your business can help you to reduce excessive costs on unnecessary travel, machine operation, office lighting, and other activities that consume energy.

Engage stakeholders and Reduce risks

- Involving your staff and stakeholders in your energy-saving drive can help to increase output and buy-in for other projects. Employees want to feel like they are part of a forward-thinking company that takes environmental issues seriously and having clear carbon reduction targets will maintain engagement with them. External stakeholders also want to see that you are managing risks associated with the environment.

Negate Future Risks

- The government has an aggressive plan to reduce carbon emissions. To meet this target, businesses must make changes or run the risk of possible future taxes on carbon consumption. By changing to a green energy supplier for your business, you can take a big step towards meeting your own target of achieving carbon neutrality.

Vegan Energy Supply

Yes, it’s true. You may not have heard of Vegan Energy before but this is a new form of energy that is even greener. The difference between ‘green energy’ and ‘vegan energy’ is that vegan energy won’t involve animal waste in the production phase. Some green energy sources still include animals at some point along the chain.

In the UK, there are 2 main sources of non-vegan green energy: anaerobic digestion (AD), and biomass. Anaerobic digestion energy breaks down animal waste and food waste to produce energy. Biomass is less expensive than traditional fossil fuels and uses organic materials for energy production, including animal dung, wood pellets and grass clippings. This is a far cleaner fuel than fossil fuels.

The advantage of vegan energy is that it is even cleaner. It doesn’t exploit animals in the process of its production and it uses the environment to create a sustainable source of energy. Examples of vegan energy are solar, wind and water (hydro). In particular, we work closely with Ecotricity, the UK’s leading wind energy supplier.

Get in touch to learn more about how vegan energy can help your business.

First Class Customer Service

Our team is ready to help you move to ‘the green side’. We don’t use any pushy sales tactics. We simply use our existing relationships to fight your corner and find you the best green energy deal.

We pride ourselves on first class customer service and always have done. Most of our business comes through repeat customers and referrals which is testament to how hard we work to find the best deals.

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