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We’ll Save You Up To 50% On Your Company’s Gas Bill.

We’ll Save You Up To 50% On Your Company’s Gas Bill.

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Our Business Gas Brokers Will Find You The Cheapest Business Gas Supplier, Guaranteed!

We specialise in getting you the cheapest business gas prices. We pride ourselves on offering transparent, honest and unbiased comparisons of all major business gas suppliers.

By guaranteeing free and impartial advice, the Business Energy Store has quickly grown to become one of the best gas and electricity brokers in the UK for large and SME business gas users. We cater for all kinds of businesses and industries – from manufacturing and industrial companies to private businesses in offices and have already saved people large amounts of money on their rates for business gas.

How We Broker You The Cheapest Business Gas Deals

Located just outside London, Business Energy Store has built up strong relationships with suppliers in the UK over the last several years. With our deep industry connections, extensive buying power and hard work, we are able to negotiate the best business gas prices.

Our brokers will compare the prices of all UK suppliers, before presenting you with the top 3 gas suppliers that best fit your requirements. You can be sure that we have worked hard to find the right deal for you. We’ll break everything down into plain English, so you can make the right decision for your business.

Once we have found you the cheapest business gas deal, we will then take care of the paperwork and help you to move seamlessly to your new supplier and tariff. It’s our job to remove the hassle so you can focus on your day job.

What business Gas tariffs are available?

The cost of business gas can change on a daily basis. This means you need to be careful when signing up to a new supplier because knowing the right time to fix your prices can be tricky. But don’t panic, we’re here to fight your corner and to make sure your contract is right for you.

Whether you opt for a fixed price or a pass through rate we have every option of traiff available and can tailor this to best suit your business.


Fixed term: A fixed term contract lets you agree a standard unit rate for your gas for the length of your contract. This obviously gives you peace-of-mind because you know what you will be paying but it leaves less room for moving to a cheaper gas supplier if one becomes available. Fixed gas contracts are usually 1-4 years and the renewal window is not until 6 months before the contract ends.

28 day: This means the price of your energy changes with the rise and fall of the market. It is not the best way to save money on your business gas, but it does give you the flexibility to switch after giving 28 days' notice.

Deemed rates: This is the rate of your gas when you are in between contracts. The time between the end of your old contract and the start of your new one is charged at a higher rate, and you must give 28 days' notice to switch to a better deal.

Some suppliers also offer green energy tariffs, which use more renewable energy than standard services.

Business Gas Suppliers We Work With

Switching your business gas supplier needn’t be difficult or complicated. One quick call to us and we’ll do all the hard work. We work with all major UK gas suppliers to find you the lowest prices and best customer service. Some of the business gas suppliers we will compare include:

We can tender for all SME customers and are happy to discuss your business gas requirements.

For free, impartial advice or to receive a comparison of prices from all gas suppliers in the current market please call us on 0800 321 3514 or email us at


0800 321 3514