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Are You Paying Too Much For Your Company's Electricity?

Are You Paying Too Much For Your Company's Electricity?

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Running a business is tough enough with the cost of your energy gradually sneaking up when you're not looking. The last couple of years has seen a sharp increase in the cost of electricity, with many businesses paying over the odds when they didn't need to.

Some companies have been sold the wrong tariff, and others have been rolled over onto a ‘standard' more expensive tariff when their existing deal had expired. These two issues alone are costing UK businesses over £180 million.


At the Business Energy Store, we are dead-set on helping you drive down the cost of your business electricity. We don't want you to spend more than you have to because we know you could be spending it on something far more beneficial to your business.
Saving money on your electric can enable you to put the money towards more staff, advertising, the next office refurb or simply growing your business. Even saving a few hundred pounds per year can have a huge impact on your business.

How We Broker You The Cheapest Business Electricity Deals

Electricity prices are constantly changing so finding the right tariff can be a tricky, time-consuming task. Fortunately for you, we're here to help you navigate the jargon and find the best electric deal to suit your business.
We are constantly fighting tooth-and-nail on behalf of our customers, negotiating with the leading energy suppliers. We negotiate our prices in bulk which gives us immense savings that we can pass on to you. We remove the confusion and work directly with energy suppliers to broker the lowest possible electricity prices on the best tariffs.
And the best bit? Once we have agreed the best price, we'll take care of the paperwork and the process of switching over, so you'll have no hassle whatsoever.
Whilst we earn our commissions from all energy companies, we are 100% impartial.

What business electricity tariffs are available?

Whether you go for a fully fixed agreement, a pass through option or a mix of the two for 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 years we have every option avaliable to best suit your business.

Fixed, where the price of your electricity stays the same throughout your contract

Variable, where the price of your electricity can change

Multi-site, where your electricity company supplies several business locations

No standing charge, where you only pay a unit rate for the electricity you use

 Eco, where the energy supplied to your business is environmentally friendly

Before we go off hunting for the best deal, we will ask you a little more about your business to ensure we find the right tariff that meets your needs now and in the near future. If you have plans to grow your business and open another premises, we want to ensure you have taken that into account, so you have the lowest price throughout your contract.

Half Hourly Electricity Deals

Half Hourly Electricity gives you more control over the electricity you use across your business. When you install or upgrade to half-hourly electricity, you can monitor your energy use constantly and discover where you can cut costs and use less energy.
A meter on your premises will read the use of electricity every half hour and report back to your provider, which means there is no tricky manual reading and your usage is always up to date. Put simply, you will only be charged for the energy you actually use.


Business Electricity Suppliers We Work With

We work (and haggle) with all major business electricity suppliers to find you the best deals, including:

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