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Why are you paying up to double what you should be for Business Gas and Electricity?

Let us help you get the best deal.

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It's Time To Cut Your Bills. Let Us Broker You The Best Energy Deal.

At Business Energy Store, we broker the best energy deals and provide simple, transparent pricing without the confusion. We go directly to the all UK suppliers, so you get the lowest priced gas and electric for your business. We do a thorough comparison of all suppliers and present the cheapest three so you can make an educated decision.

It's fast, efficient and just makes common sense, since we do this day-in, day-out.

The BIG Business Gas & Electricity Problem


It's a scary fact that the majority of UK companies are paying up to double what they should be for their energy! YES, that's double!

Madness, isn't it?

The CMA (Competition & Marketing Authority) found that 45% of businesses were stuck on expensive ‘default' tariffs when they didn't need to be. This was worse with micro-businesses with 10 or fewer employees because they don't have the in-house knowledge or time to fix the problem.

Our research has found that the vast majority of businesses pay too for their energy much because:

  • The contracts are left to roll over into new contracts at highly inflated rates.
  • They don't have the time to research the best deal.
  • They trust their existing provider to give them the best deal
  • They forget their renewal dates
  • They believe energy companies provide the best deal directly.
  • They do not serve notice in time to suppliers.

Paying too much is very common. We've had enough of businesses throughout the UK getting ripped off and we want to do something about it.

Cheapest Business Electricity Suppliers - We'll Hunt Down To Get The Best Deals


There are many energy comparison tools out there, but they are not great for finding the best business electricity prices. This is especially the case when searching for the best electric tariffs.

Business electricity has so many variables, which is why you need somebody with specialist knowledge of the energy market to get you the lowest price that will suit your business now, and in the near future.

The cost of electricity is constantly going up, so we‘ll work with you to secure the best tariff and the most suitable contract for 1, 2 or 3 years. Our brokers will provide you with the 3 best options so you can make a fully-informed decision about who you choose to supply your electricity.


UK Leader in Gas & Electricity Procurement

Business Electricity

Business Electricity

Electricity rates are a bit of a minefield for businesses, especially when you have no visibility over your future growth. Let us help you to broker the best deal with the most flexible options.

We will 100% guarantee to beat any renewal offer you have received.

Best Rate On Business Gas

Best Rate On Business Gas

Gas is becoming more and more expensive. We will help you to find the right provider who will help your business, not hinder it. Let's keep your gas costs down. And again we will 100% guarantee to beat any renewal offer you have received.

Lower Cost Energy for Larger Businesses

Lower Cost Energy for Larger Businesses

We specialise in the multi site and corporate half hourly market.

If you have a large business, possibly with multiple sites, then you'll want to get the best deal across you entire business. We will help you identify your main consumption points and drive those costs downwards.

Our Energy Clients

Business Energy saved us money by moving our existing contracts onto better deals. They also negotiated better rates on our existing gas contract which was back dated to the start date. Would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone.

Alex Coburn - Ikon International

Smart Training found the Business Energy Store to be fast, efficient, informative and easy to work with, this linked to reducing our energy bills made the laborious task of finding the best energy deal a breeze.

Gary - Smart Training

Fotolab has worked with Business Energy Store since they started and have always been very impressed with how quick and simple they make it. There have never been any hidden costs and it is nice talking to the same person each time rather than a zillion different departments with our provider.

Adrian - Fotolab

We have used business energy for a couple of years now. I like the personal service. If you telephone, you can ask to speak with the same person, a real treat in these days of automation.

Vicky Burgess - Capital Springs & Pressings Ltd

Don't Just Save Money. Do Something Amazing With It!


When it comes down to it, your business gas and electric is as important for your business as it is for your home. Nobody likes over-paying because that money could be spent on something far more exciting or useful to your business.

If your Gas bill was £250,000 a year and you saved 50%, imagine what you could do with that extra £125,000 floating around. You could spend it on more office equipment, staff training, sprucing up the office décor or even upgrade your security system.

And, if you're a small business and you save 50% on a £7,000 electric bill, you'd be quid's in with an extra £3,500 in your bank. That's a substantial amount of money to invest in generating more sales leads to grow your business.

We want you to save on your energy and do something great with what you save!

No Lip Service. We Fight Your Energy Corner


For over 7 years, we've prided ourselves on being able to hammer down business gas and electricity prices for our customers and became the most competitive broker in the UK

We don't just hit a few buttons on a keyboard to do a quick search on a comparison website. Our team of specialist energy brokers literally work their socks off!

We explore all the business gas & electric options most suited to your needs and then we haggle, we pull strings, we beg, and we fight tooth-and-nail to get you the lowest price possible.

We work with all UK suppliers, which means we are 100% impartial and fighting your corner.

Cheapest Business Gas Suppliers – We Know Where To Find Them!

Why Use a Business Energy Broker?

We Go Further Than Just Cheap Gas & Electric Tariffs!

Whilst we are trying to get you the lowest energy deal possible, we like to go one-step further. Our specialist energy brokers will also help you to review how you use your energy.

We'll help your business to use your gas and electric more efficiently so you can reduce your overall consumption and lower your bill even further. You'd be surprised where you can make savings!

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